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What we do

In Singapore, The Red Pencil reaches out to a wide spectrum of beneficiaries including children, adults and their families as well as the elderly. There is a variety of cases and situations that the beneficiaries had experienced prior to treatment, including difficulty in regulating emotions, anger management issues, tendency to self-harm and display destructive behaviour, abuse and trauma faced due to the demise of loved ones.

Sometimes words are not enough to convey deep emotions, yet they need attention, expression, release, and ultimately healing.

The objective of The Red Pencil is to allow these beneficiaries to express their feelings though Arts.

The Red Pencil (Singapore) offers both creative and clinical Arts Therapy services to various organisations in Singapore: hospitals, family centres, homes, shelters and schools with a target audience of those from the low income families.

We also organise creative workshops for executive corporations as a way to raise funds for the foundation.

Our goals

Promote Arts Therapy as a profession through scholarships and research.

Intervene in Singapore by partnering with hospitals, family centres, homes, shelters and schools to attend to the emotional needs of children, adults and their families.

Clinical work

Clinical Arts Therapy sessions intend to help those facing overwhelming life circumstances, and are treated in a very professional and confidential manner. It is different from therapeutic or creative arts workshops.

Clinical Arts Therapy sessions are conducted in a cycle of 8 sessions where the art therapist is able to work one-on-one or with a small group.

Art therapy in Hospitals

The Red Pencil sponsors art therapists in hospitals to support the emotional needs of people who have experienced traumatic situations by severe injuries, major surgeries or cancer treatments and those with mental wellness concerns such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. The art therapist will ensure the emotional well-being of patients suffering long term illnesses as well as their families.

Art therapy with Family Centres/Homes and Schools

The Red Pencil supports 55 family centres, homes, schools – that understand the need to include art therapy as an alternative tool in the healing process for their beneficiaries. Some of them are:
MINDS – Sunshine Welfare Action Mission – Red Cross Home for the Disabled – Yayasan MENDAKI -Child@Street11 – Gracehaven – AG Home – Shuqun Secondary School – The Salvation Army – Rare Disorder Society of Singapore – South Central Community Family Service Centre – United Youth -Sunbeam Place – Beyond Social Service – BABES – Teck Whye Secondary School – Club Rainbow

The Red Pencil supports beneficiaries who come from low income family or require financial assistance from the government.

Extensions of the sessions will be reviewed based on the report and recommendation from the art therapist handling the sessions.
Evidence of the benefits provided by art therapy increases and so is the demand for clinical art therapy. The Red Pencil (Singapore) is therefore very grateful for donations which allows to further its mission towards children and families in Singapore who are in greatest need.

Community service and awareness events

The Red Pencil promotes Arts as a way to take care of oneself.

Our presence at museums, schools, Art Fairs, and community service events is aimed at promoting Arts and wellbeing.

For example during Art Fairs, we invite visitors at our booth to express themselves, have fun, and to paint on little canvasses that are ultimately sold online on our website.

Corporate creative workshops

The Red Pencil needs the support of loyal sponsors to continue carrying out his large missions.

However, we strongly wish to create as much as possible a self sustained enterprise and we have our own initiatives to raise funds, like the creative workshops for corporate organisations.

What is in for you? Experience the wonderful benefits of art therapy in a single session! (1.5 hours)

Be introduced to the world of Arts Therapy and try out invigorating hands-on activities as a group. As art therapy facilitates release, relief, reflection, repair and restoration, leave the session feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Cost: SGD 5,000 (all art material included + visual journal and color pencil offered)

Venue: a room with seating for all participants (Additional costs incurred if The Red Pencil sources for an alternative venue)

Benefits for corporate groups

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Enhanced team communication and interaction
  • Relationship building
  • Problem solving
  • Cultural diversity inclusion
  • Social intelligence
  • Engages employees left brain in right brain activities
  • Spontaneity, relaxation & fun
  • Self and Team empowerment
  • Confidence building, self-validation
  • Increased motivation and respect amongst team members
  • Freedom to make decisions
  • Experiment with and test out new and progressive ideas
  • Building strengths of team members
  • Elaborate a vision and setting goals to achieve it

Our Board members

  • Alain Vandenborre, Founder and Executive Chairman of Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange Pte Ltd, Chairman and co-Founder of The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  • Karen Kay Toh, Director and Liaisons Advisor of The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  • Chong Huai Seng, Director, Investor, Director & Treasurer of The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  • Anette Sundfør Jacobsen, A/Prof. ,Senior Consultant Pediatric Surgeon and Clinical Education lead (Medicine), Director & Medical Advisor of The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  • Ng Ka Luon Eddee, Joint Managing Partner, Lawyer, Director & Legal Advisor of The Red Pencil (Singapore)
  • Laurence Vandenborre, Founder & Managing Director of The Red Pencil (Singapore)

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