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Children are our hope and our future. Yet some of them face a daunting life, but their determination to survive is an example for all of us. You can make a difference in the lives of these children by supporting the missions of The Red Pencil.

The Red Pencil (Singapore) is an official charity in Singapore with an Institute of Public Character (IPC) Status granted by the Ministry of Social and Family development.

Therefore, any donations made to The Red Pencil (Singapore) from now until 02 May 2018 is entitled to a 250% tax rebate.

We are very grateful for donations which allow us to further our programmes:

Fundraise for us

You may not be able to support us financially, but you strongly wish to get involved in our cause, you can fundraise for us!
Climb a mountain, host a party, bake some cakes, be creative and use your talent to create your own fundraising page. Then, ask your friends and relatives to support you, and the benefits would go to The Red Pencil.  All creative ideas are welcome!

  1. Set up a Fundraising Page on Simply Giving
  2. Drop us an email to, we would love to hear from you
  3. Hook up with us on Facebook

Run for us

From a 5km to a full Marathon, there is a run for you !

Many races are organized all over the world any time of year. Book your run to one of them, and let us know via emailing We will send our cap The Red Pencil. You just need to set up a fundraising page on Simply Giving and get your friends to start sponsoring you.

Success stories

Successful story of DEME Runners, who raised 108,000 S$ for The Red Pencil.

108,000 S$ raised thanks to DEME’s amazing team of runners

On 16 May 2015, a team of employees from DEME’s DIAP-SHAP JV Singapore created their own legacy by running the Great Wall Marathon. Runners had to run, climb up to the hill tops and conquer 5,164 staircase steps at The Great of Wall of China in Beijing. Together they ran a total of 1,000km with the heart and mind of raising funds for The Red Pencil. Breathless as they were at the end of the marathon, it was a meaningful once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.

DEME’s DIAP-SHAP JV will continue to run for the red pencil during the year 2016 for more upcoming runs.

The Red Pencil is deeply grateful to DEME for their heartfelt and innovative efforts in fundraising !